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Latest: The State of Human Rights in Ten Asian Nations - 2009

In "The State of Human Rights in Ten Asian Nations - 2009" the Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) presents analysis concerning the human rights situations, violations and developments it has encountered during its work in 2009.

The AHRC, which is a leading regional human rights non-governmental organization based in Hong Kong, documents and launches campaigns concerning hundreds of individual cases of grave human rights abuses each year in these countries.  This allow it to identify trends in human rights violations and lacuna in the protection of rights that need to be addressed.

While the details of the situations encountered vary significantly from one country to another in the region, many serious problems, including endemic torture, threats to human rights defenders, attacks on the freedoms of expression and of the media, corruption and unfair trials, are witnessed in most countries in the region.  Such serious problems are typically accompanied by impunity for the perpetrators.

Dysfunctional State-institutions that are supposed to upload the rule of law, such as the police, prosecutions and judiciaries, in fact encourage ongoing violations and ensure that those responsible are not held accountable.

In this report, the AHRC presents such issues and challenges arising in Bangladesh, Burma, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan the Philippines, South Korea, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

[Published in July 2010 by the Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC), 315 pages, ISBN: 978-962-8314-49-2; AHRC-PUB-003-2010]

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